who is Attila Beres aboutEver feel like the self-help industry doesn’t offer permanent help, mostly just an addictive cycle of feel-good Band-aid solutions? And they make these so addictive, it’s like crack cocaine!

Kinda feels like everyone is trying to sell you that “One Last Thing” you still need, on their hypey, tiresome webinars, right?

Exactly, I feel the same way!

I’ve created this site to make a difference for people like You. For the few people who are sick of these shiny band-aid solutions and finally ready for the real thing. So you can forever leave behind the dreadful feeling that things may never change for you. So you can find a way to become solidly confident, happy and balanced, at peace with yourself. And stay that way.

Hey, it’s Attila, the person behind this website.

So glad you’ve stopped by.

You might be curious about my story.

Or you may be here out of need (great; I might just have something that’s perfect for you).

Or get in touch with me directly, and let’s discuss what you need help with solving.

The mission of this website is to help you to create natural joy, lasting happiness, and confidence in your life with evidence-based methods. (Hint: most claims to self-help methods tested by independent, controlled studies are false, and the self-help industry is unregulated. Maybe that’s why you’re still searching for a solution…)

One of the 2 main ways I help you achieve this is by helping you eliminate limiting beliefs that are the #1 reason you’ve got pain and problems in your life. This includes the most deeply-held core beliefs and wounds you have, that everything else unfolds from.

The other is by helping you realize your transcendental Self that you’ve forgotten, which is the reason why your stress and suffering can exist at all.

The information provided here will help you see the bigger picture and will break down difficult concepts for you into an easy to understand format. This will help you to understand and only focus on what has the biggest impact on reaching these goals way faster than you may have imagined.

I’ve been trained in the Lefkoe Method and mastered their well-researched, proven belief elimination process, and also in EFT and in life coaching. I’ve done 3 full programs with Tony Robbins and have mastered the techniques he uses. I’ve been exploring and studying more methods on my journey than you can shake a stick at.

I’m totally passionate about psychology, spirituality, and nutrition. I’ve been through an immensely traumatic life journey that has made me become an expert in explaining human behavior, metaphysical concepts, and nutrition. 

Most importantly, it has led me to awaken to my true spiritual nature through direct experience. This is the most important thing for us to realize in this life, if we want ultimate freedom, bliss, and to end our suffering.  

Reading the articles on my website will allow you to avoid the pain of solving your problems on your own and will help you achieve lasting happiness and confidence in record speed.

You can read a list of what I’ve studied and been involved with, further down this page. This wealth of experience and my commitment to growth and contribution are what enable me to serve you on this website.

Even if I just briefly touch here on the major challenges I’ve triumphed over and that have made me stronger, it`s going to be a long post. We’re talking about 50+ bullet points on major disastrous events I’ve counted so far before deciding to only share a smaller list with you. And that’s because I want to inspire and not shock or plague your mind with countless harrowing past experiences. They used to cause me to try to commit suicide many times in the past. If you are in a similar space now or are struggling with something like these in your life, then what I’ll share below might give you the gift of hope and inspiration.

I’ve been through unimaginable, torturous experiences that words can’t hope to describe. Since they are outside the domain of what people can relate to or what words can describe, I’ll limit this list to what is relatable, and comparably a cakewalk to the most harrowing experiences I’ve had.

-Sexual abuse and many sexual traumas

-Half a decade of sleeping in the street

-Multiple attempts at suicide

-Depersonalization/derealisation (bumping into objects and people, feeling of endlessly falling, not feeling distances and my body)

-Lost 4 of our (owned) homes in sudden and traumatic ways

-Severe social anxiety and stammering

-Constant bullying from the age of 3 until the age of 16

-Crohn’s Disease, candida, asthma, allergies and food sensitivities

-Eating disorders, both obesity and being chronically underweight, starvation

This is about 1/5th of the full list of major traumatic events, and these are not even close in severity to the most extreme ones I’ve suffered.

At one point I hit terminal rock bottom (way below what you can possibly imagine) in all major life areas at the same time and remained there for many years with utterly wrecked health, complete social isolation and sleeping rough, often in the snow.

Because I received no support from caregivers with the bullying, I formed the limiting belief early on that I had to deal with all my issues on my own and not tell anyone about them. I never told even my best friends about the immense burdens I was carrying and tried to act like a normal person. I never asked for help and completely overcame every single one of my issues alone. I since got rid of that limiting belief.

I’ve become able to confidently communicate my needs and set strong boundaries. Since 2006, diligently practicing and later teaching Nonviolent Communication, I managed to heal my poor relationship with my parents.  

I have no more stammering or social anxiety. In fact I confidently speak at Toastmasters events, having won multiple table topics of the day awards as a guest speaker.

Disconnection and derealisation first appeared when I was a child, but now I am connected to people, to my own body, emotions and the environment even when I’m in a hurry.

Feeling comfortable and confident about my sexuality and around women, embracing everything passionately that most people would consider a taboo.

I’m writing this from my own house, I’ve healed every single health issue, my weight is normal and I can eat anything I want. I almost never get ill anymore.

Many years ago, during a suicide attempt, I felt my True Self being reborn in me. It began the psychological integration process more effectively than anything I had ever tried earlier. It was the spiritual Self, the central healing agent of Internal Family Systems Therapy that began to do the work there, as the new me. All progress I had made before was made by its frequent appearance too, but there it became a constant, loving, healing presence in my mind that over the years unravelled my past conditioning and ego identity.

Prior to that I had the most extreme meditation lifestyle imaginable, and I considered myself a “spiritual person”. As a raw foodist, psychonaut and energy healer, who was also passionate about longevity, I was unaware for many years of how my beliefs created the effects of foods and esoteric practices in my body. As I became conscious of how my beliefs, thoughts, and biases distorted my reality, I learned to value and faithfully practice critical thinking. I completely stopped identifying as a “spiritual” person too as I awakened to my true nature as consciousness, became psychologically integrated and embraced critical thinking. I now do everything in my power to help everyone create these 3 important things in their lives.

I had already become highly functional by the time I found the Lefkoe Method and began my first facilitator training with them in 2015. I had already started organizing tantra events, meetup groups and was working as a live-in carer, where my clients loved me and I felt fulfilled. I won table topics of the day prizes at Toastmasters events and I was giving people health coaching. The Lefkoe Method helped me do a “deep cleaning” in my psyche by methodically eliminating my core beliefs and experience new levels of freedom from my conditioning.

In the following years I’ve been passionately analyzing, studying, and mastering the Lefkoe Method (and other methods) and I have understood it at a uniquely deep level. Any of its practitioners can benefit from reading my articles on it.

What I’ve been through feels as if it’s never happened to me, but to someone else in a parallel reality. My new identity is in pure consciousness, and my psychological self is entirely new and integrated too. 

I’ve also found a way to easily connect with pure consciousness and merge into it, and I have great clarity about how anyone can do it easily, without the fluff that’s distracting most seekers.

What has helped me might help you too. I invite you to take advantage of this valuable resource for finding natural joy and confidence in your life.     

P.S. Here’s an incomplete list of what I’ve been involved with on my healing journey. Studying all of these has allowed me to see the whole picture of personal development, integration and awakening  and connect the dots at an unprecedented depth.

  • Trained in the Lefkoe Method extensively; you won’t find similar deep insights on it across several disciplines anywhere else
  • studying it since 2006 I was organizing my Nonviolent Communication practice groups for years including the official NVC group in Bath.
  • studying psychology at university (dropped out because of financial reasons)
  • fully mastering the complete system of Tony Robbins and completing 3 of his programs
  • trained in life coaching and EFT
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • CBT
  • Ken Wilber`s Integral Theory
  • Doing one of T Harv Eker`s seminars in audio book format
  • years of use of brainwave entrainment and subliminal messages
  • years of hypnotherapy
  • family constellations
  • psychodrama
  • NLP
  • Enneagram
  • Heart IQ
  • two year`s experience with the Mazdaznan system and parts of the Body Ecology Diet
  • many years on the keto and paleo diets
  • 3 years on a 100% raw vegan diet including high carb and high fat versions and everything in-between
  • I`ve done Elwin Robinson`s Easy Exhaustion Cure programs
  • I`ve done a number of candida programs including the “turpentine candida cure”
  • I`ve lived for half a year ingesting only green juices and distilled water while experimenting with different kinds of enemas, energy work and yogic practices to explore and map out the most hard to reach altered states of consciousness
  • I spontaneously discovered on my own in 2006, without any former knowledge about tantra or Taoism, how to control my sexual energies and have a full body internal orgasm without ejaculation
  • I facilitated 3-hour long tantra group sessions in my London meetup group
  • Intentionally not reading any information on altered states and energy work, so that I could playfully discover and naturally develop my rare talent for working with consciousness
  • meditating with half a ton of crystals in my room in India for a year and with hundreds of the most obscure and recently discovered rare crystals integrating the levels of consciousness, psychological aspects and gifts they were offering
  • living as a hermit for years, fasting, meditating and experimenting with telekinesis on small, light objects
  • 1,5 year of weekly holotropic breathwork sessions, ~150 hours
  • attended a retreat with Dr. Frank Cardelle, PhD. in 2007
  • Reiki practitioner since 2007 (Level 2)
  • crystal healing
  • trained in sound healing and aromatherapy
  • vipassana and samatha meditations
  • Ramana`s self-inquiry method
  • Sufi chanting and whirling meditation
  • Kundalini meditation
  • 3 Enlightenment Intensives, one of them while fasting and on a raw vegan diet
  • 2 firewalks (and fire breathing)
  • pranayama practice
  • Osho active meditations
  • trance dance and 5 rhythms
  • yoga (Raja, Sahaja, Astangha etc.)
  • contemplations
  • dyad exercises
  • Deeksha
  • Hooponopono
  • angelic healing
  • EFT
  • Law of Attraction
  • martial arts
  • I was developing computer games between the age of 16 and 21 (self-taught)
  • Had 50+ jobs in my life from gardener and street cleaner to live-in carer and fundraiser; I’ve tried myself at everything.

What People Say

“I used to be afraid of making the wrong decisions. I was unsure of myself, afraid of rejection, and didn’t respect myself enough. Attila has helped me completely transform these problems. I’ve gained huge momentum and reformed my entire business. I’ve become more confident, I know who I am, and as a result, I’m getting more and more recognition from people as well. My occasional bad moods during the day disappeared and I’ve become happier. I knew Attila was authentic when I saw the person he’s become. Attila has vast knowledge and personal experience with every imaginable life challenge.
I’ve tried the best methods in this region and no one else could help
me except Attila. Whatever level I had a blockage on, he could
immediately give me a solution and express it to me clearly at my level
of understanding. I felt completely reassured and safe working with him.
Whatever problem you might have, I highly recommend that you work with Attila because it is going to transform your life.
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Szilvia Sebestyen
Hungary’s #1 Macrobiotics Expert, Author

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