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Do you ever say things like this to yourself?

“Sometimes I feel like I’m going backward…like the old me is trying to force its way through…it’s annoying!”

You feel frustrated that even though you’ve experienced what it’s like to be limitless and free from your conditionings, suddenly your fearful thoughts emerge again without a warning when you’re about to lose yourself in your God-given spiritual blissful nature.

You might even intellectually understand that we’re all meant to experience hardship so that our character can be refined and got rid of lies and illusions. So that we can understand that life happens for us, and not to us. But you will still say:

“Yes, I know… but the transformation is slow and painful and without a clear view of whether the path we are going on is the right one, we are also left in the dark. I’m getting sick of my own ego.”

Well, these 2 things you keep telling yourself are the results of 2 common limiting beliefs. The first one is caused by the belief ‘Change is difficult and takes a long time’. The second one is caused by the beliefs “Mistakes and failure are bad”, “What makes me good enough is doing things the right way”, and/or “What makes me be safe is being in control”.

These are not the truth, only beliefs. They cause negative emotions that keep you from changing. I know this with certainty because I used to have these limiting beliefs and think the same way as you do now. Each of these beliefs can be permanently eliminated in under 1 hour and I`ll show you how.

You probably say this to yourself too:

“Things I regularly do to keep myself happy work for a while, but then they stop working for some unknown reason. I`m so annoyed! Is it because my life areas became imbalanced, or my methods suck, or should I just keep doing them and it’ll work out in the end, or should I change the way I eat, or WHAT??! I was fine before, but now I’m frustrated and confused again!”

Or even:

“I used to feel amazing and almost enlightened, but now I’m feeling like a shadow of myself. I don’t know how to experience those wonderful, spiritual states again. My friggin ego keeps rearing its ugly head too and I’m feeling completely lost!”

I’ve been to all of these places. By overcoming challenges that most people can’t even comprehend, I’ve managed to choose a happier and more fulfilled course for my life, despite many of the earlier catastrophic events in it.

I’ve created a complete roadmap, a clear, full picture of what creates happiness and why. I’m going to share it all with you, so you can become empowered to make your own, wise decisions about the kind of fulfilling life you want to create.

My mission is to create an educational resource with a strong worldwide impact to help create a happier, wiser, and more compassionate world.

In particular, by subscribing to my email list, you’ll learn how to:

  • Become identified with who you truly are, beyond the life story and conditionings that you’ve become entangled in.
  • Choose what emotional states you will experience moment to moment.
  • Disarm the negative thoughts that have been hijacking your life.
  • Make it tangibly real to yourself that everything that happens to you is there to help you grow and become free from your limitations. You’ll stop resisting Life and live in an attitude of gratitude and receptivity to the gifts that are coming your way all the time.
  • Appreciate the unique journey that you’ve been gifted to experience in your lifetime.

To The happiest You,


What People Say

"I used to be afraid of making the wrong decisions. I was unsure of myself, afraid of rejection, and didn’t respect myself enough. Attila has helped me completely transform these problems. I’ve gained huge momentum and reformed my entire business. I've become more confident, I know who I am, and as a result, I’m getting more and more recognition from people as well. My occasional bad moods during the day disappeared and I’ve become happier. I knew Attila was authentic when I saw the person he’s become. Attila has vast knowledge and personal experience with every imaginable life challenge. I've tried the best methods in this region and no one else could help me except Attila. Whatever level I had a blockage on, he could immediately give me a solution and express it to me clearly at my level of understanding. I felt completely reassured and safe working with him. Whatever problem you might have, I highly recommend that you work with Attila because it is going to transform your life."
I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 12 years and went to Attila for a session to…help me in my recovering from CFS. Attila has a broad understanding of health and psychology and has done a lot of research in the field. Not only was the session professionally done…but Attila also provided me with additional background information and resources to assist me in my recovery. Attila puts a lot of time into each client and offers a comprehensive service.

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Who is behind this site?

Hey there, my name is Attila Beres and I am the person behind this website. I’ve overcome countless enormous challenges in my life and am here to support you in doing the same.

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